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Call Center

Call Center

Reduce costs, enhance customer service and drive sales, by utilizing our call center solutions. We know that your calls need to be efficiently answered, especially when there are more callers then there are staff members.

Intelligently processes incoming calls to a group of agents & supervisors based on administrator defined rules & real-time conditions. When there are more callers than available agents re-route callers or queue callers with customized in-queue messages and music that may be unique for the group. Your staff can be located anywhere in the world, allowing for true flexibility and around the clock coverage, without the need to relocate key talent.

Supervisors are provided real-time and historic information so that they can quickly and easily make informed decisions to immediately improve customer service and productivity. Supervisor have the ability to escalate calls in the queue, assign calls to be answered by specific staff, provide real-time monitoring and coaching with the ability to whisper-thru, barge-in & silent monitor active calls.

Our designs accommodate a host of useful features including:

A phone headset resting on top of a latop with a white background

It is our intention to design and provide a system that will function at a maximum level of efficiency and effectiveness at all times. We evaluate your requirements prior to determining the best possible solution.

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