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Wondering How to Seamlessly Adopt Windows 11? ITC Offers Some Valuable Tips

March 10th, 2022 by admin

Windows 11

Windows 11 was released in October 2021 and while many were eagerly awaiting its arrival, some small and mid-size business owners may still be finding themselves uncertain about installing the upgrade.

What's New In Windows 11

A major focus is to provide an answer to growing cybersecurity concerns. Microsoft has addressed this with stringent system requirements, which have been shown to reduce malware by 60 percent. While some of these regulations have been controversial, they are a necessary step to reduce the cyber security concerns we are all currently facing.

Windows 11 also aims to improve productivity by bringing a smoother Mac-like redesign built to be more responsive, faster, and seamlessly integrated.

Microsoft has also optimized technical details to increase device performance including better memory usage, longer battery life as well as other optimizations that make every device on the network more efficient.

Thoughts On How To Ensure Installation of Windows 11 Is As Seamless As Possible

PLAN! Any time Microsoft offers a new upgrade, careful planning helps to ensure that the business continues to operate without being unnecessarily interrupted. Small and mid-sized business owners do not have the spare time to configure their network or ensure widespread system capability.

Ensure that all devices in the company, including all devices, workstations, and systems, are compatible with the new software. Failure to do so could turn into unnecessary downtime across departments.

In order to best prepare for Windows 11, you need to ensure that the new OS will integrate with the different versions, resolutions, Internet speeds and configurations that other areas of the network rely on. This means that if a customer and employee are utilizing incompatible browsers, hardware, networks, mobile devices or operating systems, they might not work properly and must be reconfigured. Not doing so could lead to unnecessary frustration.

The Benefits of Working With ITC

We take ownership of the process of upgrading your operating system so that you can stay focused on strategic planning, execution, and revenue-generating priorities.

Instead of waiting for things to break and having to rectify an issue with your customer, we handle things ahead of time so that you are able to maintain strong customer relationships.

For assistance with your transition to Windows 11 please reach out to kstudt@itc-communications.com or call us at 845-561-4440 ext 205.

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