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The 6 Most Common Cyber Attacks Facing Businesses & What You Can to Prevent Them

February 11th, 2022 by admin

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We've all heard about the accelerations of ransomware attacks in the news. It's enough to make any business owner loose some sleep. Technologies like G Suite, Salesforce, Slack, Dropbox, Office 365 or Box are found everywhere in the modern workplace and unfortunately, they can expose networks to certain vulnerabilities. Many businesses are undereducated as to the most common attacks. Take a look at the 6 most common cyber-attacks facing businesses:

  1. Cybercriminals often use automation to guess passwords. These brute force attacks make a few hundred guesses every second. They take advantage of simple passwords that use common expressions like password1 which can be cracked in minutes.
  2. Logins From Unauthorized Countries are a type of breach that can be spotted through various indicators such as:
    • A VPN connection from an unknown devise or anonymous proxy
    • An abnormal amount of data uploaded during a VPN session
    • An increase of company related data files accessed
    • Multi-factor authentication from a new device
    • Too many failed VPN logins.
  3. Attackers often overtake Orphaned Links that are expired or invalid external links on credible websites or applications an utilize them for fraudulent activities. This can include outdated file shares form Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox.
  4. Malicious thieves often target, copy, and transfer the sensitive data outside of the company's network. The data is often used to extract a ransom or even be offered to a competitor for a bribe.
  5. Most companies have a safeguard in place that alerts them when users are accessing confidential information. A telltale sign that a cyber attacker is poking around in a network that they shouldn't be meddling in, is when confidential files are being viewed frequently.
  6. Changing security groups and policies is another common technique hackers use to break into a business' network and cause damage to the organization.

There are of course many other types of cyber-attacks that can and do occur. Small and mid-size business owners must ensure that they have the proper security measures in place to help prevent them before they create a crisis. ITC is a managed technology services provider that is committed to helping you monitor, protect and manage your employees' access while on these widely used business applications.

ITC's new SaaS alert technology (that stands for Software-as-a-Service) monitors upwards of 35 different types of applications and gives small and mid-sized business owners real-time alerts and reporting. Often times SaaS will automatically respond to issues that require attention before the business owners has even noticed an issue. After all, the real problem behind any breach is not knowing the extent of the breach for a long period of time. With this technology, ITC customers will know instantaneously if a breach has been attempted, at the same time we are working to prevent the attack on your behalf!

While there are many more types of attacks which can be rectified with various levels of complexity, this SaaS alert technology can add a layer of security to your organization. If you would like more information on our new SaaS alert technology, please get in touch with us at 845-561-4440.

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