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Is Your Technology Holding You Back?

March 23rd, 2022 by admin

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Technology is evolving at an alarming rate. It seems that no time passes between system upgrades, and you may feel that you have just gotten used to a new system and its suddenly time to learn a new one!

You may even find yourself thinking:

I will never keep up so why even try.

We understand, truly we do so the question then becomes…

Is your technology holding you back?

If this topic is making you think…we encourage you to consider three questions. Would investing in more modern technology increase your productivity, give you a competitive edge and protect you from a security breach?

Would new technology increase productivity?

Upgrading an operating system or computer usually gives the users new features designed to improve usability and/or function. If it has been a while since you’ve upgraded your software or purchased new computers or even phone systems, your team could be using workarounds that hamper their performance.

Would new technology give you a competitive edge?

If your competitors are using newer systems, it puts you behind the 8-ball so to speak. Customers are looking for and, in some cases, expect a seamless user experience and when outdated technologies are used, your business could be viewed as behind the times.

Would new technology protect you from a security breach?

Just as technology changes on a daily basis, so do the techniques cyber criminals use. One of the main reasons for system upgrades is to fix holes in security. When you put off upgrades, you open your company up to a security breach. Simply put, outdated technology is more vulnerable to outside influences.

We want to help you modernize your business so that you gain a competitive edge, are protected from cyber crime and increase your productivity! At the end of the day, if ITC is doing our job, your day should be more productive and less stressful! Our goal is to help you leverage your technology, find the solutions that are the most cost effective and make sure that they are working well for you! We are dedicated to serving you each day! For more information about the services offered by ITC, please call (845) 561-4440 or visit us at itc-communications.com.

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