Is It Time To Update Your Surveillance System?

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Is It Time To Update Your Surveillance System?

August 28th, 2017 by admin


Earlier this year we expanded our product offerings in the area of surveillance. For many customers it was as result of needing loss mitigation, and the benefits of an upgraded HD system allow for high quality images, audio, and video that are easily exported and used as prosecutable evidence in investigations, insurance claims, and court cases. Outdated systems often required recording and copying, which had its own slew of challenges.

Modern systems are able to be viewed remotely via applications on most devices, and allow for the use of analytics which can differentiate between ambient noise, movement, and activity of a suspicious nature. If budget is a constraint we are also equipped to utilize existing hardware, working on image quality, and accessibility, we can also recommend ways you can reduce costs by starting out small with fewer pieces of hardware and then scaling larger at a later date.

We pride ourselves in the ability to work with our clients on a one on one basis, custom building a system specific to your unique requirements. If you are in need of a security system, or want to upgrade your existing system, we can come out and assess your location and then recommend the right solution for your business.

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