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If It Isn't Broke, Why Fix It? When to Change Your Phone System

May 20th, 2019 by admin

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As a company grows and expands, insisting on keeping old phone equipment just as long as it is functional as a way to keep costs low is a method that will inevitably end up costing your company more. There are important questions to ask yourself on whether it’s time to upgrade to a new phone system for your business. At ITC Communications, we know the importance of saving money and resources, and we thrive on ensuring that your business runs at maximum capacity. We can assess whether your phone system is helping or hurting your business. Here are some things to determine for yourself, if it’s time to get a new phone system. Constantly fixing an old system is like flushing money down the drain, and once the system completely shuts down, emergency repair and replacement costs can be astronomical. Therefore, it is critically important to upgrade your business phone systems as they start to age noticeably. Audits on systems older than 6 to 7 years old are essential to ensure that the phones are not only still functional but if they are also still serving your company right. Are you spending too much on repairs already? If your current systems are requiring a lot of fixes and support, or if the warranty has expired, this may be a good time to look into switching to a newer solution.

Also, is your current system genuinely serving your business in the most effective way? As technology evolves, phones develop capabilities, and features that become more and more geared toward making operations easier for your staff, customers, and clients. Using an outdated phone system means that you are likely missing out on features that can save your business money, help you retain more customers or clients, allow for smoother operations, and even increase company revenue.

Telecommunications is an integral part of many businesses, so it is even more essential that you have a system that functions properly and aids in the growth of your company. And having an affordable system is also very possible, ITC Communications offer phone solutions for any size business with innovative features and support.

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