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Eyes On From Anywhere

August 26th, 2018 by admin


It's late at night, your employees have all gone home for the day. Sure, they locked the door(hopefully), but what really happens when no one is there? You could hire a guard to make sure someone is watching the door, but that gets expensive and drains resources you could be investing in other parts of your business.

That's why ITC offers cutting edge video surveillance systems that allow you to have "eyes on" from anywhere you have a computer! And we go a step farther than your old systems that burn though hours of empty tape...by using video analytics, our systems recognize movements of people and vehicles, so you aren't stuck reviewing hours of video of an empty scene just to find the few minutes you need to see. User feedback even refines the system to increase accuracy and provide fewer false alarms.

With our video surveillance solutions, you can sleep a little more soundly knowing 'round the clock monitoring has you covered 24/7/365! Find out more about how our video surveillance systems can protect your resources while saving you money!

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