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Expanding our Video Surveillance Offerings

February 1st, 2017 by admin

surveillance We're expanding our surveillance offerings! This is in response to businesses asking for security measures and cameras at their entrances. They have given different reasons for wanting to improve their security system, but ultimately all of them profit from new features and applications. We've helped small to large businesses, designing and installing systems at different types of facilities. A great feature of our products is the scalability - you can start with just one camera and add more as your business or sites grow.   Many of the systems we offer allow you to easily access the video feeds over an application on external devices. This allows you to quickly zoom in and see what has caused the alarm system to react. Was it a wild animal, an employee accidentally tripping the alarm, a break-in, or even just a spider caught in the sensor? Its better to have more information before calling in the police to respond. In addition, you can save and export material for criminal investigations and insurance claims - without the hassles that old surveillance systems presented for recording and copying.   Most of our products can be easily integrated with any cameras you are currently using, so you can reduce expenses while benefiting from better images and accessibility. By upgrading some or all of your video surveillance, you can also take advantage of new technology developed for video analytics. The advanced algorithms are able to recognize and learn patterns based on your feedback. You can fine-tune reactions to the environment, so that the system ignores irrelevant activity and reduces the number of false alarms.   We here at ITC want to help you find the right system to ensure that your business is secure. That means meeting to discuss your needs and wishes so we can offer you the best strategies and designs.   Learn more today...

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