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Don't Wait for a Storm

March 27th, 2017 by admin

Ice Storm

Here at ITC, we are still seeing storms and Winter Weather Advisories in the region, even with spring officially here. The snow storms of the past month brought in feet of snow, hazardous conditions, and even power outages. In past years, we've seen power lines downed, fallen trees, and other conditions that caused problems for businesses and homes alike. Why wait until next winter to plan ahead? The other seasons can also bring disastrous condition that can put your business operations and facility in danger.

ITC can help your business be prepared. Instead of customers trying to reach a closed down office, or only getting a dial tone when calling your office, we can set up a forwarding system. Your data can be safely stored off-site, with redundancy measures in place - just in case! Through the use of cloud solutions, we can help you and your employees connect to your data, applications, and voice systems from home. You save a dangerous trip to the office, and your team can continue to work.

We can provide the solutions needed to help your business stay recover quickly and benefit from resilient IT systems. Don't wait for the next big storm to catch you unaware. Be prepared.

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