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Communication Applications that Save Time

May 17th, 2017 by admin


Don't underestimate the amount of time you waste each day trying to reach your colleagues. Coordinating meetings large and small, calling to ask about a report, trying to get questions answered, monitoring project progress, or even just finding out who wants to join you for lunch - all of that takes away valuable time you don't have. ITC has a better way, and it won't mean piles of new emails in your inbox.

Unified Communications is a quick and easy way to centralize and improve collaboration solutions. Access email, voice, video, IM, and voicemail systems through one program instead of a dozen. See when your team is available for a meeting or whether 12:15 works better than 12:45 for a group lunch. Sick of playing phone tag with Rob in HR? You can see when colleagues are available or busy, without having to call each time. Don't worry about forwarding your phone when you need to work from home unexpectedly - its simple to set up your mobile or personal device to receive calls to your company number. Unified Communications is a great solution for anyone who needs more mobile solutions. You can use any device to access calls, join video conferences, and answer messages - all while on the go!

ITC can advise you on the best system to match your business and its unique requirements. We provide complete installations that include full training and on-going support. Let us walk you through the many ways that our solutions can reduce wasted time and improve communications across the board. Learn more...

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