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Cloud - Bring Your Own Device

April 14th, 2017 by admin

The Cloud- Bring Your Own Device

One of the best features of cloud services, if you ask millennials at least, is the ability to BYOD. That is, Bring Your Own Device to work. For those who don't know the term, this refers to moving on from using just desktops and laptops. With data, emails, calls, and applications accessible from anywhere with a stable internet connection, there is no longer a need to do all of your work sitting behind a desk. Many companies are allowing for the flexibility of accessing and answering emails from smartphones and tablets - devices that until recently were used for private purposes or without company permission. Times change. Now your staff wants to be able to take a longer lunch, while answering emails if they come in. They want to be able to show customers the newest figures on a tablet, or hook laptops up for presentations. In the past, that meant saving documents on insecure devices or emailing it to private accounts. This would create security vulnerabilities that were hard to fix.

ITC Communications can help you transition to a much more secure and flexible system. Cloud services give your employees some much needed mobility, while helping your business to be more productive. Collaboration is easier when you can digitally share documents during a meeting, and saves printing everything out on paper. We can advise you on which cloud elements would have a good initial transition for your business, while also discussing long-term plans.
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