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Build a Remote Workforce with ITC

April 6th, 2020 by admin

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We find ourselves in a time of uncertainty for many businesses, as the climate has rapidly changed to adapt or close operations until further notice. This has left many struggling to try to implement the infrastructure or tools required to stay running. Many companies finding that a remote workforce is harder then it initially seems. So don't do it the hard way, let ITC help you set up your employees to work from home for you.

There are many things needed to not just establish a remote workforce but to also keep it running efficiently. You'll need the following to successful work remotely :

  • Remote Desktop / Cloud-Based Work Applications
    Your business will naturally need to have a way for your employees to instantly access, edit, update and share files. This can be achieved by implementing a few different kinds of appropriate infrastructures or utilizing certain programs.
  • Real-time Communication Apps
    Communication has and always be a key part of business, even when working remotely. So without a way for effective communication to be had in real-time, successful collaboration or even something as simple as checking in is impossible to realistically accomplish.
  • Video / Web Confrencing
    Not only does this enable you to conduct critical organizational meetings, but furthermore it's an effective way to combat uncomfortable feelings of social isolation. As some people may be feeling far more isolated given their circumstances have in these hard times.
  • Project and Time Management Tools
    Having a way to track the progress on a project or view how much time has been spent doing what is an essential component of operating a remote workforce. Without having those kinds of tools in place can make managing work near impossible.
  • Improved Network Security
    With so many people remotely accessing your private network or dedicated servers, you need to ensure that your data stays protected. As now more than ever, cybercrime is on the rise. With many cybercriminals exploiting vulnerabilities caused by unprepared businesses jumping straight into remote working.

There are a lot of options that your business can choose from to implement any number of those things. It can even feel overwhelming for many to sort through or test out which will work best for their business. Don't make things hard on yourselves then you need to, contact ITC today and we'll help you get everything you need for a remote workforce.

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